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    Protein Stabilizer protectant WBD

    Stabilizer protectant WBD-001
    Main ingredient: Phosphoric acid compounds and other auxiliary additives.
    Protective effects:

    1) WBD-001 stabilizes the original enzymes, coenzymes, substrates and proteins and prolongs the shelf life of the product. 
    2) After adding WBD-001, the life of product can be extended for three to six months. 
    3) After adding WBD-001, the amount of coenzyme NADH can be reduced by 10% ~ 15%, the effect is most obvious. 
    4) The effect of adding WBD-001 to BSA is remarkable.

    Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
    Package: 500g / bottle, 1000g / bottle, 5000g /bottle
    Storage conditions: Stored at room temperature, long-term preservation at 2-8 degrees